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    In order to overcome the adverse effects of COVID-19 and bring new international cooperation for Chinese and foreign companies, "Hardware Tools Sourcing Event of 2021 Jingchu Online Exhibition" will be held in June 2021, in Wuhan city. 

    "Hardware Tools Sourcing Event of 2021 Jingchu Online Exhibition" is committed to creating an intuitive and convenient online exhibition platform, so that both supply and demand parties can "screen to screen" and "face to face" real-time communication and complete viewing samples, inquiry, negotiation, contracts and other processes.

    Bird’s eye view of China,the East Coast is arc-shaped like a bow, and the Yangtze River is galloping like an arrow, Hubei is situated in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, north of Dongting Lake, and is also known as the province of a thousand lakes. Besides, Hubei has the longest mileage among the 11 provinces (cities) along the Yangtze River, plays an important node where the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the "Belt and Road" intersect, which has a significant status in the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. As a birthplace of Chinese civilization, an important forerunner of Chinese revolution and construction, Hubei in the new era Is building a new highland for the development of the central region. 

    Today, Hubei is actively participating in the “Belt and Road” cooperation. The “River and sea direct" route connects the Pacific eastward, China-Europe trains connects Europe westward, and passenger routes fly directly to four continents around the world. Hubei, which has entered a new era, is bound to enter the world and become a new window for China’s open up. Currently, Hubei is making every effort to restore the order of economic and social development, speed up the recovery after the epidemic.